A strong new entrepreneurial trend is noticeable in Sweden and Blekinge has had the largest increase in new companies in the whole country. The electrician Ernes Barucija is one of several who started their own company during the pandemic.

Ernes Barucija in Karlskrona was a many who lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

When he noticed the demand for electrician services at old customer contacts, the 45-year-old decided to start his own.

– I have worked for about 20 years in the industry, but due to the pandemic, the job was lost when it was built so little first and many became funky, at the same time as I was a new employee.

So I was unemployed for just over six months but have all the qualifications and thought that I could just as easily drive myself, he says.

Blekinge at the top

Barucija is far from alone in starting his own business during the pandemic.

Statistics from the Swedish Companies Registration Office compiled by Visma show that 40,108 new companies were started during the first half of the year – a record listing for an individual half year.

This is an increase of 9.2 percent compared to the same time last year when 36,729 registrations were made in Sweden.

The county list is topped by Blekinge, where the increase was 20.86 percent since 394 new companies were started.

– It is fantastic fun and we think it may be because Blekinge has done relatively well through the crisis.

Plus that there is a belief in the future and a spirit of the future that is manifested by more people daring to start their own, says Malin Bornerheim at Nyföretagarcentrum in Karlskrona.

Hear Ernes tell more in the clip above.

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