The Swedish Jobs and Society Foundation is forcefully supporting entrepreneurship in Sweden through professional start-up advice to people thinking about starting a business. We do this on a local level through some 90 Enterprise Agencies (NyföretagarCentrum in Swedish), which cover 200 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities.

Jobs and Society is a foundation, which, through its Enterprise Agencies, is helping some 10,000 persons every year to start successful and viable enterprises. Jobs and Society is the leading Swedish player in this field.

Jobs and Society’s first Enterprise Agency was launched in 1985 and we have been involved – via our advisors – in starting 200,000 new companies. The Jobs and Society Foundation acts as an umbrella for all Enterprise Agencies in Sweden. It initiates and is active at the start-up of a new Enterprise Agencies and it is responsible for support in the form of a helpdesk, IT systems, marketing tools, printed matter, exhibitions etc. It is also organizing training of advisors and exchange of experience. The foundation carries out quality assessment of the activity through certification of Enterprise Agencies and advisors.

In summary, we:
• Stimulate and facilitate the start-up and growth of new viable companies.
• Work through dedicated professionals.
• Give help to self-help.
• Build and maintain a network for transfer of best practice.
• Strengthen the local community.
• Strongly contribute to the renewal of Swedish private business.

Our core principles are:
• The activity is focused on start-up of new enterprises.
• The advice to the entrepreneur should be at no cost, confidential and objective.
• The advice should be of high quality and support serious entrepreneurship.
• An Enterprise Agency should work through a local network of advisors within its specified business region.
• The financing of the activity should primarily come from local business.
• An Enterprise Agency should be neutral in relation to its sponsors.
• The local board of an Enterprise Agency should be mainly composed of representatives from private business.

Private industry, authorities and organizations finance our activities. But a firm cornerstone is that more than 50% of the financing of each Enterprise Agency as well as the Jobs and Society Foundation should come from the industry.

There are about 2,400 companies and organisations supporting our work across Sweden. Throughout the country we offer a network of more than 7,000 people from local and national businesses that are available to give support to entrepreneurs thinking about starting their own business.

These networks are our greatest asset. An entrepreneur can get advise on how to fill out forms from many places, but only one player can offer connections directly into local business life – free of charge.

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