Do you dream of starting your own business?

You are not alone! NyföretagarCentrum is here to help! We are located in more than 200 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities, book time with an advisor at an office near you!

Get free advice
for starting your business in Sweden. Using a Business Plan (affarsplanen.com) as our guide, your NyföretagarCentrum advisor will work with you through the entire process from business idea to start. NyföretagarCentrum offers:

  • Confidential, free advice from experienced entrepreneurs – in Swedish and English
  • e-Courses to help you start and run your business! (available in Swedish)
  • Business Start-up Courses (available in English at select local NyföretagarCentrum)
  • Digital business plan (available in Swedish)
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • National and local network to help get you started!

You are expected to bring:

  • A business idea that you believe in
  • A willingness to work hard to bring your idea to reality

Digital Advising

We all need to take precautions with regard to the Corona virus. Do you want to book a meeting or do you already have an appointment? NyföretagarCentrum now offers digital meetings, or if desired, by telephone. Contact your local NyföretagarCentrum and they will arrange this.

If you have stayed in one of the worst affected areas or have been in contact with someone who has covid-19, please contact us before your visit with us, to take part in the offer of digital advice or to move forward your visit. You can also work on your business plan digitally at home at affarsplanen.com.

At the same time, we urge all participants to be extra careful with hand hygiene and not to participate in any activities unless one feels completely healthy.


How it works

  1. Make an appointment
    • On the home page, choose ‘Boka rådgivning’ (translation: ‘Book an Advising’)
    • Choose the municipality closest to you from the drop-down list. You will be directed to the local NyföretagarCentrum office’s own website. *If the website does not say that the advisors speak English, then contact them and ask!
    • Choose ‘Boka första gången här!’ (translation: Book the first time here!)
    • Choose the date and time that works best for you
    • Fill in the form to register yourself for your advising appointment!

2. What to bring to your first appointment

    • If you are uncomfortable in English or Swedish, feel free to bring someone to help translate.
    • If you are still thinking about starting a business and are still deciding on a business idea – then bring your ideas, a list of any questions that you may have, and a readiness to work hard to start your new business!
    • If you know what your business will be, then bring an initial draft of a business plan to guide the conversation around YOUR NEW BUSINESS!

3. What to expect

    • Your advisor will evaluate your business idea, personal qualifications, and the potential market. He/She will support you in creating your business plan, market plan, economic calculations and budgets, evaluation of investment requirements and financing, review any legal issues, insurance, and formal requirements – and finally help out with contacts through relevant networks.


Click to view guide



Here is a step-by-step guide on

how to start a business through us!










NyföretagarCentrum Advisors

NyföretagarCentrum advisors are experienced professionals with entrepreneurship and business backgrounds. Each NyföretagarCentrum office has a broad network of local experts from different branches of business, relevant government agencies, banks and financial institutions that are ready to help new businesses get started and thrive!


Special offers for new entrepreneurs

Here you will find offers from NyföretagarCentrums national partners. Specificically aimed at new entrepreneurs and start-ups. 


About NyföretagarCentrum

NyföretagarCentrum was founded in 1985 with the goal to stimulate the Swedish economy through entrepreneurship and new business development. It is the largest organization in the country that helps people start new businesses. NyföretagarCentrum is supported by the Swedish government, local municipalities, private industry, and individuals who are committed to the growth and development of Sweden.

  • Since 1985, more than 246,000 companies have been launched through NyföretagarCentrum.
  • 11% of all new companies in Sweden are started with support from NyföretagarCentrum.
  • 93% of our clients would recommend NyföretagarCentrum to others looking to start their own business.

In 2021

  • 15,000 people got help from NyföretagarCentrum
  • 8,000 businesses were started through NyföretagarCentrum

Businesses who start with NyföretagarCentrum have a greater chance of survival and success!

  • 84 – 87% of all businesses started through NyföretagarCentrum are still active after 3 years. The Swedish national average is 69%.
  • Only 1% of businesses that started through NyföretagarCentrum have gone into bankruptcy after 3 years. The Swedish national average is 4%.

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