Special offers for new entrepreneurs

Here you will find offers from NyföretagarCentrum national partners. Specifically tailored for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Don’t forget to speak with your NyföretagarCentrum advisor about any other offers in your local community!


  • Marginalen Bank – Start-up loan opportunities
  • Offerta.se – Find your customers at Offertas’s marketplace.
  • BRA – Special airline prices for NyföretagarCentrum customers.
  • Unionen – 60% discount on membership fees for the first year
  • Allabolag – Make it easier for customers to find you, presented your business for free for 3 months with the purchase of one year subscription. Email: presentation@allabolag.se
  • SEB – Make it easier to distinguish between the company’s money and your private. Try our simple business account, Enkla firman.
  • Entreprenörskapslånet för Unga  – As a young entrepreneur in a startup phase with the company, you have the oppurtunity to borrow up to 25 000 kr at SEB after working on your business plan with the counesellor at NyföretagarCentrum. Read more here.
  • Visma – Smart accounting program – 50% discount during the first year! Enter the code, nyföretagarcentrumwhen you check-out!
  • Fortnox – Free accounting for six months!
  • BL Ekonomi Bokföring – Free accounting program for 12 months! Läs mer.

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