About Swedish Jobs and Society Foundation

Swedish Jobs and Society Foundation is the parent organization to NyföretagarCentrum. It acts as an umbrella for all local NyföretagarCentrum agencies in Sweden. The Swedish Jobs and Society Foundation initiates the establishment of all local NyföretagarCentrum agencies, and supports the organization’s helpdesk, IT systems, marketing/branding tools, printed materials, exhibitions, and etc. The foundation carries out quality control of the organization through assessments, certification of NyföretagarCentrum agencies and advisors, and ongoing advisor training and experience exchanges.


In summary we:

  • Stimulate and facilitate the start-up and growth of new viable businesses.
  • Work through dedicated professionals.
  • Give help to self-help.
  • Build and maintain a network to transfer best practices. 
  • Strengthen the local community.
  • Strongly contribute to the renewal of Swedish private businesses.


Our Core Principles:

  • The activity is focused on the start-up of new enterprises.
  • The advice to the entrepreneur should be at no cost, confidential and objective.
  • The advice should be of high quality and support serious entrepreneurship.
  • Local NyföretagarCentrum agency should work through a local network of advisors within its specified business region.
  • Financing shall be secured from a wide diversity of partners, in such a way to ensure the independence of the organization.
  • A NyföretagarCentrum agency should be neutral in relation to its sponsors.
  • The local board of a NyföretagarCentrum agency should be mainly composed of representatives from private business.



  • Private industry, authorities and organizations finance our activities. More than half of the financing of each local NyföretagarCentrum agency and the Jobs and Society Foundation should come from the private business sector.

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